I’m a seventy-something fella with some extra time on my hands, so I maintain this little website so I can write about the places I go and, more importantly, the things I eat. I love going out to lunch and dinner with my kids and grandkids, as well as some of the folks who live near me in Knoxville, TN.

It’s not easy being an older person in America. I can’t do all the things I used to be able to do, but I can still do plenty. Sometimes I feel invisible. But I try to enjoy every single day. I worked hard to get this far and to retire (I used to be a police officer) and I’m going to have fun.

A lot of my friends are ailing, so I do write a little about what sorts of resources are available in Knoxville and the surrounding area. My friends and their kids find that sort of stuff helpful, and I research to make sure I’m providing the right kind of information. I also write articles about how to improve your memory, how to find nursing services for different medical conditions and I listen to what my friends say about assisted living facilities in Knoxville, TN because that’s likely the next place I’ll hang my hat. I want to make sure I pick the best one!

But all that’s a little depressing. I mean, we’re lucky to get older (the alternative is a lot worse!) but some parts of it can be a drag. That’s why I write about the places I go, the things I see, and what I eat, because Knoxville has so many great things to offer and I love living here. I do a bit of traveling, too, so I write about that and tell you all the best places to go.

I hope you enjoy my website. If you have suggestions for content or want to learn more about the things I write about, let me know!

Oh, and you might wonder what my website www means. One of the best trips I ever took was with my lovely late wife, Shirley. We were married for 51 wonderful years and I lost her about 4 years ago. For our 40th wedding anniversary we went to this sweet little down in France called Le Lavandou. We thought it was funny because that year, the mayor outlawed death. When she was sick, I kept telling her she’d get better, saying “Case in point, Shirl, Le Lavandou.” Unfortunately, death wasn’t against the law in Knoxville and she passed with her hand in mine.

I like to think that by keeping my mind active and pursuing travel and pleasure, I’m keeping Shirley alive with me until it’s my time to go.